Roads resembles life

Havelock Island, Andman & Nicobar
Havelock Island, Andman & Nicobar

On the way to Leh
Rann of Kutch Off-roading road

Roads are not just means to travel or cross,
but with life they so much resembles ..
Sometimes they are straight, offer no challenges..

when they have curves, one need not zoom past, but negotiate with care,
When they are rough, accept that challenge…
When it’s shaded, find a solace,
but not for a longer break as a long comfort zone will loose the alertness..

Treat a patch with blazing sun without pain,
And wait won’t be that long to find a shaded patch again..

Do not always look for wider roads as they are difficult to get
and if not found one might get disappoint,
Not to loose hopes, someday wide road will be right in front of you to give a surprise which will be pleasant..

Roads are full of surprises,
just a need a positive attitude to face. ..

Roads resembles so much like life..

Roads are inseparable part of a traveller. When one travel solo, he pays attention to each and every aspect of journey. That is the reason, I love travelling solo most of the time.

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