Who am I? Nomadic Monk aka Rajesh Salvi

Nomad’s Journeys Begin with ambitions to see more and end with to explore more…

A Vagabond who loves mountains, Oceans and Roads than Concrete world.

All published blogs, information and experiences are actual journeys, i have gone through to explore the less explored by an Indian Backpacker, either solo to many untrodden paths or to scale mountains, sometimes in a group or with handful of friends who has common passion to appreciate the landscapes from mountain tops or with a buddy to fathom depths of oceans or through flying a paraglider to get bird’s eve view or on a cycle/ two wheeler on a quest to witness what lies in corners of roads which normally you might miss while travelling in a bus or car.
I would love spending time to face wind on face while cycling and biking than travelling in car. Flying with birds enthral me so as diving with fishes.

An ex-advertising professional left corporate world to listen to heart than brain.

Backpacker | Mountaineer | Cross country cyclist and biker | Paragliding Pilot | Skier |
Most importantly Professional Scuba Diver 

Logo designed by: Rajesh Ramane – https://www.instagram.com/rajeshramane/

Technical help and partly inspired & literally pushed by: Sheetal Vibhuti – https://www.instagram.com/sheetal_vibhuti/
Her Blogsite: https://escapingsoul.in/

Also helped in conceptualising by: Rajaram Kavatkar: https://www.instagram.com/fox_force_1/

Well supported on my journey by every member of Terra Tribe (Erstwhile Taimurlung Trekkers) which we founded 25 years back: https://www.instagram.com/terra.tribe2.0/

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